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AKO Pinch Valves
AKO Pinch Valves
AKO Pinch Valves


Why Use AKO Valves?

1 Full Bore
6 No Mechanical Parts
2 100% Leak Tight

7 Reinforced Sleeves for Abrasive Media
3 Lightweight Construction

8 Quick Closing
4 Elliptical shape body, less air required

9 EX Conformed Valves Available
5 Various connections to suit most applications

10 Easy Maintenance & Re-Sleeving

Where to Use AKO Pinch Valves?

Granular Materials Fine Powders Slurries Liquids

Who Is AKO Pinch Valves?


AKO is the world leader in Pinch Valves with the largest selection of air operated pinch valves available. Applications range from dirty abrasive industrial slurries and powders to hygienic food and pharmaceutical applications.

Basecamp Process Components, LLC (formerly Alb Klein Ohio) supports and distributes quality AKO pinch valves, knife gate valves, and slide gate valves throughout North American and other select countries.

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