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AKO Pinch Valves Overview



Case Study #2- Sand Blasting
AKO Pinch Valves stand up to severe Sand Blasting

Regular AKO aluminum body pinch valves are used throughout the Clay Cross foundry of Biwater Industries. Supplied in standard form with a polyester powder coated finish, the present valves have so far endured more than five years of continuous exposure to the most physically aggressive environment it is possible to imagine.

In their sand foundry Biwater produce chemically bonded sand molds to cast pipe fittings in the range 12 to 28 inch diameter. Six sand mixers are supplied with sand routed through 4 inch diameter pinch valves, with sand from the sand reclamation system.

Each pinch valve passes up to 10 tons per hour of sand. The sand reclamation system in which the pinch valves work is part of the reclamation system integral to Biwater's environmental program. The abrasive friction of the recycled sand will wear out any valve liner. The AKO pinch valves have abrasion resistant natural rubber sleeves, which are replaced approximately every 9 months. AKO pinch valves have been used in this plant for over 18 years now.

Several years ago the older cast-iron body valves were replaced with the newer aluminum body styles, for the safety and convenience of the customer's employees. Lighter weight means easier handling of the valves, which are mounted at various levels. When removing a valve for sleeve replacement, the total process downtime is about 20 to 30 minutes.

Biwater opted for pinch valves because of their utter simplicity and reliability. There are no slides, gates, balls or bearings to clog with sand. In this hostile environment most valves, regardless of type, will need frequent rebuilding - and AKO pinch valves offer greatly reduced costs in this respect, since a new rubber sleeve is dramatically less expensive than reground butterfly seal, gate seat or knife blade. In addition, the 4 inch pinch valve means a true 4 inch bore, since there are no intrusive elements into the flow of sand. Sand transfer and mixing can therefore be carried out on a more consistent basis.

Externally, the paint finish has protected the AKO pinch valve very effectively, with no visible damage after 5 years of service.

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