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Who is AKO Pinch Valves?

AKO is the world leader in Pinch Valves, with the largest selection of air operated pinch valves available to fit almost any industry, Applications range from dirty abrasive industrial slurries and powders to hygienic food and pharmaceutical applications. AKO also offers mechanical pinch valves, knife gate valves and other valve accessories

Basecamp Process Components, LLC (formerly Alb Klein Ohio) supports and distributes quality AKO pinch valves throughout North American and other select countries.

What are Pinch Valves?

Pinch Valves can be closed using air (or fluid) or by mechanical actuation in order to stop the flow of powders, liquids or slurries. Pinch valves (aka hose valves, bladder valves, squeeze valves, slurry valves, shut-off valves, air flow valves and rubber membrane valves) have many uses and offer a number of advantages:

  • Full Bore Opening
  • Completely air or water tight
  • Lightweight plastic, aluminum or stainless steel construction
  • Low air required to close
  • Almost any connection option
  • Low Maintenance with no mechanical parts
  • Reinforced abrasive resistant sleeves
  • Food safe sanitary designs available
  • Quick to open and close
  • Easy to service and economical
  • Large selection of sizes from 10mm (3/8 inch) to 250mm (10 inches) in diameter
Pinch Valves for Sand, Gravel and Abrasive Materials
Pinch Valves for making Wine
Pinch Valves for bottling sauces